Till today EYP Azerbaijan had 17 sessions and 8 trainings. Here is the list of the session we organised:

  • 1st School Session (1st SS)
  • 1st National Selection Conference (1st NCS)
  • 2nd National Selection Conference (2ndNCS)
  • 3rd National Selection Conference (3rd NCS)
  • 1st International Forum (1st GIF)
  • 1st Absheron Regional Session (1st RS)
  • 4th National Selection Conference (4thNCS)
  • 2nd Regional Session on Multiculturalism (2nd RS)
  • 1st University Session on Cybersecurity (1st US)
  • 2nd International Forum (2nd GIF)
  • 1st One Day Session on Modern Globalisation (1st ODES)
  • 5th National Selection Conference on EYP Love (5th NCS)
  • 7th Understanding Europe Open Crash Course (7th EU CC)
  • 8th Understanding Europe Open Crash Course (8th EU CC)
  • 2nd School Session (2nd SS)
  • 2nd University Session (2nd US)
  • 2nd One Day Session(2nd ODES)

Upcoming events: