The Second Regional Session of EYP Azerbaijan is on the Brust Mode and it is the best time to check do us know the highest and mightiest, those who are invisible but omnipresent. They should receive all the Oscars and still they prefer to stay in the shadow. Meet the crouching tigers and hidden dragons of RSM – the Officials Team!

The major purpose of this article is to introduce our bosses to you guys from different perspective. Let’s start with Head Organizers Shahin Pasha and Elvin Ramazanzade. Usually we use to have one Good cop and one Bad in a team. However, this time both of our cops happens to be very Pokerfaced! Pasha – demanding, sometimes too strict but still he doesn’t forget about fun. Elvin – looks as a very introvert observer but something makes me believe that he has another quite amusing side. At least he is called Deli Maraz not in vain.


This is the base and eventually doesn’t matter how perfect the base is it still needs operating hands, in other words, our adorable Orga Team. Here they are:

Nargiz – Tender and always ready to help; Nigar – Calm but very talented; Nigga – Fun! Fun! Fun! 😀         Rufat – Loud, amusing and kind; Ayten – Charming and positive; Telman – tries to look like tough guy but so cheerful; Elvin Haci – for some he is “Dvijenie” Elvin; Hasan –  silent walker; Sarxan – IT expertpicture2

For reading the whole issue go to this link.

Article by Ulkar Gurbanaliyeva


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